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Gluten-Free Bakeries in London: My Honest Opinion

Living gluten-free in London may spark a misconception that enjoying sweet treats is a thing of the past. Let me assure you, that’s not the case. Though being celiac means being a bit more cautious and doing some research in our food choices, the lively gluten-free bakeries in London make it clear that there are plenty of delightful options available.

The kickoff to my weekend is a ritual of pure bliss—grasping a freshly brewed cappuccino in one hand and a pastry in the other. Yet, when celiac disease entered my life, I wondered if this idyllic weekend routine would need a major overhaul.

As someone who’s looking for the best gluten-free treats, I’m excited to share my tasty journey with you. Join me as we explore the world of gluten-free bakeries in London, where I plan to try them all!

A Note to Consider

It’s crucial to remember that the seriousness of celiac disease can differ. So, make sure to visit the restaurant’s website or reach out to them beforehand to verify their current gluten-free options and practices. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities!

Vida Bakery

Earl Grey Gluten Free Cupcake - Vida Bakery

Our first stop is at Vida Bakery, a rainbow-colored bakery in Brick Lane, where I had an amazing experience.

Nestled in this vibrant location is Vida Bakery, a small haven for those in pursuit of gluten-free desserts. What makes this place even more special is their use of gluten-free oats, ensuring it’s safe for individuals with celiac disease. However, it’s worth noting that not all celiac can tolerate gluten-free oats, so I recommend double-checking with them.

During my visit, I had the pleasure of trying their Earl Grey cupcake, and it was nothing short of heavenly. Not overly sweet, with a wonderfully creamy top, it left me craving more. Vida Bakery is truly a gem in East London, crafting delicious cupcakes and cakes not only for those with celiac disease but also for those avoiding animal products.

The Polka Dot Bakery

Gluten Free Brownie - The Polka Dot Bakery, gluten free bakery in London

A short distance from Vida Bakery is the charming Polka Dot Bakery, a delightful spot in Old Spitalfields Market. Stumbling upon their stand and seeing the reassuring sign ‘safe for celiac diet’ instantly brightened my day.

At Polka Dot Bakery, I found myself faced with a delightful dilemma—choosing from their exquisite selection of brownies. The variety was staggering, each tempting in its own right. Eventually, my sweet tooth led me to the irresistible allure of the peanut butter brownie, but I’m planning to try them all!

The first bite was a revelation, a perfect balance of rich chocolate and creamy peanut butter that danced on my taste buds. The Polka Dot Bakery is an ideal spot for exploring the variety of gluten-free bakeries in this iconic London district.

Knead a Little Love

Gluten Free Bagel - Knead a Little Love, bakery with gluten free options in London

The last bakery I explored in the area was Knead Little Love. While this bakery does offer gluten-free options, it’s important to note that it’s not entirely gluten-free. On the day of my visit, the selection was somewhat limited, and I ended up choosing a savory bagel with mozzarella, tomato, and avocado which was stored away from the rest of the pastries.

Initially, I thought the portion was a bit small and the price a tad high at £6.50. However, I must admit that it turned out to be completely satisfying. I appreciated the effort to have separate boxes for gluten and non-gluten pastries. Yet, in my opinion, the boxes were positioned a bit too close, making it easy to overlook a non-gluten-free item, especially with the pastry tongs in use. I’m sure the staff is well trained, but this was my impression.

In summary, the overall experience at Knead Little Love was decent, but I might consider going back for a coffee only in the future.

Ruby’s of London

Gluten Free Cupcake - Ruby's of London

In the lovely area of Greenwich, gluten-free enthusiasts are in for a treat with Ruby’s of London. In fact, it turned out to be one of the most delightful gluten free bakeries in London. The charming pink and white shop immediately caught my eye, creating an inviting atmosphere.

My time at Ruby’s of London was particularly enjoyable due to the friendly and accommodating staff. Their attention to detail extended to the bakery’s layout, with well-glass-separated sections for gluten and non-gluten pastries. This thoughtful design reassured me about their commitment to providing a safe space for those with gluten sensitivities.

What truly stood out at Ruby’s of London was their offering of savory gluten-free quiches. It’s not every day you come across such a delicious and hearty gluten-free option. I tried one during my visit, and it was a flavorsome experience that added an extra layer of satisfaction to my bakery exploration.

In conclusion, Ruby’s of London is more than just a gluten-free bakery; it’s a haven of sweetness and warmth. With a lovely staff and a commitment to diverse gluten-free options, it’s definitely a place I’d recommend for a delightful gluten-free bakery experience in Greenwich.

Libby’s Always Gluten Free

Gluten Free Browine - Libby's Always Gluten Free

London boasts hidden gems among its gluten-free bakeries, and Libby’s Always Gluten-Free Bakery is one of those. Nestled in Notting Hill, the bakery fits right in with the chill vibes of the neighborhood.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon after lunch, I dropped by and encountered a variety of brownies to choose from. I couldn’t decide between an orange cake and the double brownie with almond and cherry, but I went for the brownie. No regrets – it was amazing! Super tasty and just the right mix of chewy and crunchy.

Plus, it’s awesome that they’ve got gluten-free loaf of bread too. I’m definitely coming back in the morning to try more stuff. This place has got me hooked on their goodies!

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