Pastel color macarons displayed in half moon shape

Gluten-Free Bakeries in Rome: 5 Top Picks (+ Map)

The Gluten-Free Scene in Rome

List of Gluten-Free Bakeries in Rome

La Pasticciera

Savory focaccia from Gluten free bakery in Rome Senza Pensieri

New Food Gluten-Free

Sweet pastry and a cup of coffee placed on the bed

Le Altre Farine del Mulino

Pasticceria Napoleoni

Senza Pensieri

Pistachio Sicilian cannolo hold in hands with a street background

More Gluten-Free Bakeries in Rome

AIC Certified Gluten-Free Bakeries in Rome

Other Celiac-Friendly Bakeries Options:

Gluten-Free Apps for Bakeries & Restaurants in Rome


Aic Mobile

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